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A Guide to Getting Unstuck in your Calling

Do you find yourself feeling stuck in your ministry or are you at a fork in the road?

Many men and women called to the ministry reach a point where they feel stuck. They feel there is more that God is calling them to express of His love and grace. It is amazing how God has a way of preparing us through our experiences, educational opportunities, and His deep work in our hearts. Shiloh eBook-1

At just the right time, and when we earnestly seek Him, our journey continues and new doors open.

In this guide, you will find three stories that speak to the longing God places in our hearts as He prepares us for our next assignment. As one phase of life seems to dry up, another one emerges.

Each step and each experience bring us along the path of transformation as God works to accomplish His will in our lives.  

In this eBook, you will: 

  • Discover how other ministry leaders faced challenges and uncertainties
  • Experience inspiration from real life stories of overcoming
  • Gain insights of how to move beyond the sticking points 
  • Be encouraged to continue on your ministry path


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