Shiloh University offers resources to help and train men and women who are called to ministry.

A Guide To Getting Unstuck In your Calling

[eBook] A Guide To Getting Unstuck In your Calling


Do you feel you are at a crossroads with your ministry? Are there times you feel stuck? As men and women called to ministry, it is important to recognize that these moments in our lives are preparing us for future challenges. We must acknowledge that God has various ways of growing us to become people who wholeheartedly serve and love Him.


If you feel you are in a challenging position and desire to grow, download our eBook to find encouragement in your journey.


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[Tip sheet] 5 Considerations in Choosing An Online School


Selecting the right college or university to complete your online degree can be overwhelming. There are many excellent degree programs available 100% online that can help you affordably achieve your academic goals and find career success. 


How do you weigh the options? What should you consider in your search? Download our tip sheet to help you choose an online program that will meet your educational goals!